Which Facial Treatment is Right for You?

Which Facial Treatment is Right for You?

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Getting a facial treatment makes your skin tone, texture, and complexion look vibrant It cleans and regenerates your skin, which results in smoother, softer, and nicer skin. Not only can a proper facial improve the appearance of your skin, but it may also get rid of certain issues and defects, including wrinkles, age spots, and acne. However, it can be challenging to choose the right facial treatment because there are so many types available. Read on to learn more about the different facials that can bring back the radiance of your skin.


Step-by-Step Guide in Choosing the Right Facial Treatment for You

Your skin type and any particular concerns you may have with your skin will determine the best kind of facial for you. It is important to consult a skin care expert for more detailed advice on the facial treatment that would be most appropriate for you.

Identify the Skin Type

Different skin types have unique features and need different treatments. 

  • Normal — The moisture content of normal skin is well-balanced. It glows healthily, and there aren’t many issues with it being overly oily or dry.
  • Oily — Excessive sebum production associated with oily skin can result in larger pores and a glossy appearance. Too much oil on the skin makes oily skin more prone to breakouts, blackheads, and acne.
  • Dry — The lack of oil and moisture in dry skin leaves the complexion looking lifeless and flaky. Numerous variables, including aging, environmental factors, and heredity, can contribute to dry skin.
  • Combination — The skin type consists of both dry and oily facial regions. This is usually where the cheeks and other areas are dry, and the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) is oilier.
  • Sensitive — Skin that is sensitive to specific chemicals or external factors may react, become red, or itch.

Understand Your Skin Concerns

Determine your skin concerns, such as acne, aging, dehydration, or pigmentation issues. Different facials target specific problems. If you have frequent breakouts or acne-prone skin, look for treatments designed to eliminate breakouts and assist in preventing future blemishes.

Consult a Professional

Seek advice from an esthetician or dermatologist. They can assess your skin, discuss your concerns, and recommend suitable treatments based on your skin type and condition.

Research Treatments

Learn about various facial treatments available, such as hydrating facials, acne treatments, anti-aging procedures, or microneedling treatments. Understand how each addresses specific skin issues.

Consider Ingredients and Techniques

Look for treatments with ingredients and techniques tailored to your skin type. For instance, hydrating facials with hyaluronic acid are beneficial for dry skin, while salicylic acid is effective for oily or acne-prone skin. If trying a new treatment or product, perform a patch test on a small area of your skin to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction.

Customer testimonials

Examine testimonials from previous clients to gauge how well the facial worked and whether it would be appropriate for your skin type and issue. Check reviews and testimonials from individuals with similar skin types and concerns to see their experiences with different facial treatments.


Establish how much you are willing to spend on the facial and search for choices that fall within that range.


Different Types

Frequent facials can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, help you unwind and reduce tension, and improve blood flow throughout your face. Even though a lot of us follow daily skincare regimens, it’s important to understand that facial treatments have advantages over routines.

Pixel-8 Microneedling with RF

Pixel8-RF is a minimally invasive fractional, bi-polar radio frequency device that may be utilized on any part of the body to provide remarkable skin tightening and rejuvenation by dispersing microneedles deep inside the dermis. This treatment eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, uneven skin tones, and more.

Hydra Facial

A non-invasive, life-changing procedure for skin health that will give you the greatest skin possible. Every hydrafacial treatment utilizes revolutionary technology to extract, fully clean, and moisturize the face. To address certain skin conditions, the treatment can be further tailored with LED light therapy, lymphatic drainage, and personalized boosters. The results are radiant, painless, and instantaneous, increasing confidence.

Continent Skin Health Facial

A personalized facial designed to address every kind of skin issue. Light to heavy extractions, a nourishing mask to help restore your skin to its optimal healthy glow, and a thorough cleansing and exfoliating to get rid of pollutants and dead skin cells.


The most luminous and silky skin is produced by a wonderfully safe and deep exfoliation followed by an oxygenating treatment that encourages blood flow and circulation to the surface.

Dermaplaning has the advantage of improving the absorption capacity of skin care products by improving their ability to penetrate the skin in addition to exfoliating deeply. 

Chemical Peel

This treatment addresses all issues by applying a chemical to the skin for complete rejuvenation (acne, anti-aging, pigmentation, dullness, and more). The chemicals aid in exfoliating and removing the dead skin, which peels off to reveal a smoother, more youthful face. 


The outer layer of dry, dead skin cells will be naturally exfoliated by microdermabrasion, revealing younger, healthier skin underneath. It can help with melasma, wrinkles, age spots, scars, and sun damage, among other issues. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that involves gently removing the outermost layer of skin with a portable instrument. 

Anti-Aging Facial

Women over 30 can get anti-aging facials done frequently for optimal results since they are for aged skin. Anti-aging facial creams increase the creation of collagen, which gives skin its firmness so it can be revitalized. In addition, the hydration provides the skin with much-needed moisture to prevent it from drying out. All skin types can use it; however, people with oily or sensitive skin should request products that are appropriate for their skin type.

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Which facial works best for oily skin? 

Oily skin responds best to a facial that incorporates natural extracts, tones the skin, deeply cleanses and extracts, applies a face mask, and ends with a protecting serum. The mask will minimize pores, eliminate extra oil, and soften the skin.

Which facial works best for sensitive skin?

 AHA and exfoliation-based facials should be avoided as they aggravate the skin further. For sensitive skin, choose a facial that includes a light massage and products containing chamomile or green tea; oxygen facials and other hydrating treatments are also effective.

How often should I get a facial treatment? 

To maintain good skin, it is advised to have a facial every four to six weeks.

What should I do after a facial treatment? 

A minimum of 24 hours should pass following a facial before using makeup or any other skincare products. To keep your skin hydrated, drink a lot of water and stay out of the sun for a few days.



There are many facial treatments available—more than we’ve even mentioned above—but it’s important to consult a professional skincare who has extensive training in skincare and the aging process to choose which face treatment is right for you. At Continental Lifestyle, we only provide facials that we think will work best for our patients. Contact us today.

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